How A Dentist Near Me Can Help Prevent Gum Disease

When it comes to maintaining a healthy smile, most people work hard to keep their teeth beautiful but don’t pay much attention to their gums. Striving to keep your gums strong is an essential part of ensuring that your teeth look their best and that you don’t experience any serious oral health issues, such as gum disease. To keep your gums as healthy as possible, keep these helpful tips in mind.

Flossing Is A Must

If you want healthy gums, daily flossing is critical. This is because flossing is the only way to effectively remove bacteria that causes tartar. When tartar builds up on your teeth, it can’t be removed by brushing alone, and will inevitably lead to decay if left untreated. Flossing just once a day can make a huge difference in keeping your gums healthy.

Water Is Your Friend

Drinking water while you eat is an effective way to help your mouth remove food and bacteria that can stick to your teeth and cause decay. Additionally, water assists your mouth in producing saliva, which will help eliminate some of the bacteria hiding on your gum line as well.

Cut Back On Sugar

Eating foods that are filled with sugar is the fastest way to damage your teeth and gums.  Sugary foods tend to stick to the crevices of your teeth and are particularly difficult to remove. Instead of snacking on sweets, consider replacing sugary foods with healthy alternatives, such as cheese or nuts.

Listen To Your Mouth

If you’re at risk of developing gum disease, your mouth will usually tell you. Inflamed gums, bleeding after you floss, and a receding gum line are all signs that it’s time to visit your dentist. These could be the early symptoms of gum disease.

Don’t Skip Your Dental Checkups

Keeping your dental checkups every 6 months is the best way to prevent gum problems. Your dentist will be able to notice early warning signs of disease that you might not find until it’s too late. Professional cleanings two times a year also help fight decay from forming in the first place.

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