Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning

Welcome to Simply Wellness Dental, where our goal is to offer high-quality dental services with clear communication, concern for your wellbeing, and clinical excellence. We understand that dental emergencies can upset your regular routine and take place without giving any warning.

While it is important to commit to regular preventative care, you should consult with your dentist for teeth cleaning in Burnaby at least twice every year. It’s not always possible to maintain top notch oral hygiene without seeing your dentist.

Did you know that adults over the age of 35 start losing their teeth due to periodontal disease? Tooth loss due to periodontal disease can be prevented by brushing and flossing daily. Our Registered Dental Hygienists recommend using a Soft or extra soft Electric Toothbrush held at a 45 degree angle at the area where your gums and teeth meet. This should be followed up by flossing, but you should be familiar with the proper technique to effectively remove plaque from your teeth.

Our recommendation is to choose electric toothbrushes because studies show they are the best at removing harmful build up and plaque. Don’t forget to clean your tongue as plaque and bacteria will settle there as well. You can use your brush to clean the tongue.

Teeth Cleaning Gets Rid of Tartar

Even if you do everything right, such as brushing and flossing regularly, you will inevitably end up with tartar on your teeth. Tartar is the little deposits of mineralized plaque that provide a safe haven for harmful bacteria. If not cleaned properly, tartar floods toxins into your gums, creating debilitating health issues that could lead to tooth loss.

To safely remove tartar from your teeth, we make use of prescription polishing paste and precision instruments that gently wipe away at the stain and plaque, leaving your teeth shiny and ultra-smooth. Using our teeth cleaning services effectively halts the discoloration of the enamel, helping you maintain shiny teeth.

Simply Wellness Dental provides you with a holistic approach to teeth cleaning. By the time our Registered Dental Hygienists are done, your teeth will look as good as new due to effective plaque removal. A healthier smile awaits you! Book your appointment today!

What to Expect During Teeth Cleaning

Not knowing what to expect can be one of the reasons why patients are often nervous about visiting the dentist. But the importance of regular teeth cleaning cannot be emphasized enough. Here is a brief rundown of what to expect the next time you come in for a teeth cleaning at Simply Wellness.


During this initial procedure, the dentist or dental hygienist will take a look around your mouth for any signs of decay or disease. If any issues are spotted, actions may be taken to address them prior to the cleaning.

Plaque and Tarter

After examining your mouth, a small tool will be used to remove the plaque and tartar from around the gum line.

Professional Brushing

Next, an electronic toothbrush and special toothpaste are used to remove any missed plaque and really get your teeth clean. Unlike the toothpaste you use at home, the one we use in-office has a gritty quality to it.


Flossing is very important to the overall health of your mouth, but most people tend to either not do it often enough or they miss hard-to-reach spots. We will professionally floss your mouth and teach you the correct method for doing it at home.

Fluoride Treatment

You may receive a fluoride treatment during a teeth cleaning visit at our Burnaby office. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that will help strengthen your teeth and protect against future issues. This can be applied via several methods when administered by a professional.